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Treadmill Desks in the UK - are becoming more and more popular!

So if you're thinking about buying a treadmill desk ...or you need a bit more information to help you persuade your manager to buy one'll find these resources helpful.

There's a practical under-the-desk pedal mini bike alternative too...


The Treadmill Desk Revolution

Described as "The Easy Way to Lose Up to 50 Pounds in a Year - Without Dieting", Treadmill Desk Revolution is a comprehensive paperback book (and Kindle book) to help us change the way we work.  Some very good 5 star reviews - and a "Look Inside" on Amazon.

The Complete Guide to Treadmill Desking

Written by the editors of the Work While Walking website, this book is available in both paperback and Kindle versions. It contains valuable insights for whether you're buying or making your own treadmill desk.  It has lots of in-depth unbiased product reviews too.  Available at Amazon.

Office Pedal Mini Bike

A practical alternative to the treadmill desk, this under-the-desk pedal exerciser is described as possibly the smoothest and quietest magnetic resistance bike on the market. It comes with a 1 year warranty and full Amazon returns cover.  Available here.


Office Fitness
Twist Stepper

For a workout at your desk, this Office Fitness Twist Stepper with Bungee Cords Black/Red Mini Twist Stepper Fitness Workout Machine is a practical alternative to the treadmill desk.  A built-in computer tracks time and number of steps.  It's available at Amazon.



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